Smoking marijuana on a traffic stop is what we sometimes call a ‘clue’.

At 11:11 p.m. on Wednesday, December 22, Trooper Alfred Silveira was on patrol on Tremont Street in Carver. Trooper Silveira noted a black Chrysler 300 traveling at 70 miles per hour in a 45 zone. Trooper Silveira was able to catch up to the vehicle and turned on his cruiser’s blue lights to conduct a stop of the Chrysler.

When Trooper Silveira approached the car, he was inundated by marijuana smoke pouring out of the passenger side window. Keeping his distance, Trooper Silveira identified the driver of the Chrysler as JAKEEM FINLEY, 26, of Plymouth. As they continued their conversation, FINLEY started moving around in his seat and repeatedly reached for a blue bag on the passenger seat. For the safety of both men, Trooper Silveira asked FINLEY to place his hands on the steering wheel. FINLEY repeatedly took his hands off the steering wheel and began reaching into the pocket of his sweatshirt.

For safety, FINLEY was handcuffed and removed from the vehicle. Now standing upright, was FINLEY found to have plastic baggies containing crack cocaine protruding from the coin pocket of his jeans. Additionally, FINLEY was in possession of two packages of marijuana, and an additional bag containing a hard tan rocklike object. He was placed in the rear of Trooper Silveira’s cruiser. Troopers Silveira took to completing a probable cause search of the vehicle revealing packages of marijuana, a cup containing still-burning marijuana, a large amount of U.S. currency and 3 cell phones.

FINLEY was transported to the Bourne barracks to be booked, fingerprinted, and photographed. During booking FINLEY was found to be in possession of two additional large bags of crack cocaine hidden on his person. FINLEY also failed an assessment of his ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. FINLEY was arraigned at Wareham District Court on the following charges:

  1. Operation Under The Influence Of Drugs – Marijuana;
  2. Trafficking Of A Class B Drug – Crack Cocaine; and
  3. Speeding.