SECOND UPDATE AT 9:30 p.m. –

The investigation into the shattered windshield is ongoing. At this time we are not prepared to state conclusively that the window was shattered by a gunshot, but it is not ruled out either.

The vehicle with the shattered window is a taxi. The female cab driver reported that the incident occurred in the Ted Williams Tunnel. MSP personnel are continuing to search for ballistics evidence.

The male who has been detained in Westborough has been cooperative with Troopers. No firearm was located on his person or in his vehicle. Evidence suggests that the man may have made an obscene gesture at the cab from his vehicle while both were driving. What led up to that is still under investigation. The male driver does not face any charges currently; he has volunteered to remain on scene as the investigation continues.

UPDATE AT 8:55 p.m. –

The male allegedly connected to the suspect vehicle in the shooting is not under arrest at this time but is being detained as the investigation continues at this hour. MSP Crime Scene Services technicians are assisting Troop H patrols and detectives in the investigation. The motorist whose car window was shattered was not injured. Numerous outlets have asked if this was a road rage incident and whether the victim and potential suspect are known to each other. Please be advised those question are all part of the ongoing investigation.

As for the other incidents, evidence indicates that the adult female who was injured jumped from the overpass in a suicide attempt. She is alive with serious injuries at this time.

Finally, the child who was suffering a medical incident was attended to by EMS. We have nothing further on that incident at this time.


Massachusetts State Troopers have responded to three serious and separate incidents on the Massachusetts Turnpike on Boston within the last 75 minutes. 

At approximately 6:05 p.m. an adult female fell or jumped from the Carlton Street overpass onto the westbound side of the Turnpike. Troopers and other first responders rushed to the scene and undertook emergency medical aid in an attempt to save her life. She sustained serious life-threatening injuries and has been transported to Tufts Medical Center. There is no update on her condition at this time. 

At approximately 6:20 p.m. a female motorist pulled up to a Trooper on the Pike in Boston and reported that her car had been shot at. The Trooper observed a window of the car had been shot out. 

Troopers obtained a description of the suspect vehicle, which fled westbound on the Pike, and issued a Be On the LookOut (BOLO) to surrounding police agencies and other MSP Troops. At approximately 6:50 p.m. Westborough Police located a suspect — a person connected to the suspect vehicle — in the area of Harry’s restaurant in that town and placed him into custody. Troopers responded to Westborough to take custody of the suspect and continue their investigation. 

Finally, within the last half hour a female motorist pulled off the Pike onto Massachusetts Avenue and reported her child was having a medical emergency in the car. Troopers and Boston EMS responded to the woman’s location. We are awaiting an update.