Trooper Arrests Three Men for Possession of Rifle, Pistol

Shortly before 5 p.m. yesterday Trooper Jeffrey Lang, assigned to State Police-Weston, was traveling on Route 90 westbound. As he was at the 121 mile marker in Weston he observed a gray Dodge Caravan erratically change lanes, causing another vehicle to take evasive action to avoid a collision. Trooper Lang activated his blue lights and siren and stopped the Caravan.

After the vehicle came to a stop, Trooper Lang approached it and identified the operator as ALEXANDER FOREMAN, 62, of Worcester. Trooper Lang gathered his information and quickly discovered FOREMAN’s license was suspended. Trooper Lang removed him from the vehicle and placed him under arrest, then attempted to gather a bag at the request of FOREMAN. After taking hold of the bag, Trooper Lang could feel what he suspected to be a firearm inside. He unzipped the bag and located a loaded Bersa .380 pistol. FOREMAN does not possess a license to carry firearms. Sergeant Denis Mahoney and Trooper Alexi Martin then arrived on scene to assist.

After securing FOREMAN, Troopers removed two other occupants, identified as CLAUDE FOREMAN, 33, of Boston and SANDY FOREMAN, 59, of Arlington, from the vehicle and immediately located what appeared to be a rifle case in their immediate reach. Trooper Lang opened the bag and located a Winchester Rifle inside. Neither of the other two occupants possessed a license to carry firearms and were placed under arrest as well. Troopers also located 28 rounds of ammunition located in a black sock.

The three men were then transported to State Police-Weston for booking. A bail commissioner was contacted and set bail at $7000 for CLAUDE FOREMAN, $2000 for ALEXANDER FOREMAN, and $1000 for SANDY FOREMAN. They are expected to be arraigned at Waltham District Court on the following offenses.


  1. Possession of a Firearm, two counts;
  2. Carrying a Loaded Firearm;
  3. Possession of Ammunition without FID Card;
  4. Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended License, subsequent offense;
  5. Marked Lanes Violation.


  1. Possession of a Firearm; and
  2. Possession of Ammunition without FID Card.


  1. Possession of a Firearm; and
  2. Possession of Ammunition without FID Card.