Troopers Arrest Wanted Man with Firearm, Narcotics

On Saturday October 3, Trooper Stephen O’Rourke, assigned to State Police-Holden, was stationary observing traffic at the intersection of Edward Street and Belmont Street in Worcester. Just before 2:30 a.m. he observed a gray Toyota Camry speeding and fail to stop at a stop sign when turning onto Belmont Street. Trooper O’Rourke entered traffic and attempted to catch up to Toyota, which failed to stop at a red traffic signal when approaching the intersection of Route 290. Trooper O’Rourke activated his blue lights and siren and stopped the vehicle as it turned on to Highland Street.

After the vehicle came to a full stop Trooper O’Rourke approached it and identified the operator as DEVON DENIS, 28, of Southbridge. After several minutes of questioning DENIS it was apparent he was providing inconsistent answers and lying to Trooper O’Rourke regarding where he was coming from, unaware that Trooper O’Rourke had been following him.

Trooper O’Rourke removed DENIS from the vehicle at which point the Troop C Dispatch Center advised that DENIS had an active warrant for his arrest. DENIS was taken into custody as Trooper Barros arrived on scene to assist. After DENIS was secured in a cruiser the Troopers conducted an inventory of the vehicle prior to it being towed from the scene. They located a 9mm firearm, capable of holding 13 rounds of ammunition, in the glove box. DENIS does not possess a license to carry firearms. Troopers also located a scale with white powder residue, suspected to be Cocaine.

DENIS was transported to State Police-Holden where he was booked. A bail commissioner was contacted and set bail at $7,500. He was scheduled to be arraigned at Worcester District Court on the following offenses:

  1. Carrying a Firearm;
  2. Possession of Ammunition without FID Card;
  3. Possession of a Large Capacity Weapon;
  4. Possession of a Class B Substance;
  5. Speeding; and
  6. Fail to Stop.