State Police Deploy Additional Personnel to Island Barracks, Statewide Watch Center

The Massachusetts State Police, which operates barracks on Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, are deploying additional Troopers to the islands to bolster public safety capabilities during the coronavirus emergency.

Colonel Christopher Mason has directed deployment of two additional Troopers to State Police-Nantucket and one additional Troopers to State Police-Oak Bluffs to supplement existing MSP personnel at both stations. The additional personnel will be in place by the start of next week. 

As do State Police personnel permanently assigned to the island barracks, the additional Troopers will perform general patrol and policing duties and assist local police departments there with public safety missions as needs dictate. 

Additionally, the State Police have assigned several additional commissioned officers to our Commonwealth Watch Center to supplement operations there. The CWC, based at General Headquarters, monitors developing incidents and public safety threats across the state and provides real time situational awareness to State Police Command Staff and Divisions to inform decisions about deployment of MSP assets and other tactical issues.

Statewide, the Massachusetts State Police are prepared to assist local police agencies as needed as part of our public safety mission.