Trooper Arrests Wanted Man with Firearm

On Saturday just before 5 p.m. Trooper Dana Crovo was assigned to a construction detail on Morton Street in Mattapan when he observed a blue BMW sedan without an inspection sticker. Trooper Crovo conducted an inquiry of the license plate which revealed the vehicle was possibly involved in an incident where a firearm was shot. The trooper entered traffic and stopped the BMW on Hannon Street.

Upon the vehicle stopping Trooper Crovo approached the operator and identified him as DARIUS COLLINS, 23, of Quincy. Trooper Crovo quickly became aware that COLLINS had two active warrants for his arrest. COLLINS was removed from the vehicle and placed under arrest, at which time Trooper Robert Clouse arrived on scene to assist.

As COLLINS was the sole occupant of the vehicle Trooper Crovo requested a tow to remove it from the scene then conducted an inventory per State Police policy. During the inventory a Springfield XD5 .45 caliber pistol was located, COLLINS does not possess a license to carry firearms.

COLLINS was transported to State Police-Milton where he was booked. A bail commissioner was contacted and set bail at $15,000. COLLINS was transported to a Norfolk County Jail where he was held pending his arraignment this morning at Dorchester District Court on the following offenses:

  1. Possession/Carrying a Firearm;
  2. Carrying a Loaded Firearm;
  3. Possession of Ammo without FID Card;
  4. Possession of Firearm without FID Card;
  5. Improper Storage of Firearm;
  6. No Inspection Sticker; and
  7. No License in Possession.