UPDATE: New Photo for Suspect Vehicle in Amber Alert Abduction

This photo of a blue Honda was taken yesterday in the same area of Springfield where the abduction of CHARLOTTE MOCCIA occurred today. We believe it is the same vehicle involved in the abduction. Please note car is blue with very distinct yellow fog lights. In addition it has no inspection sticker and no front license plate.

Massachusetts State Police and Springfield Police are searching for an 11-year-old girl who was reported to have been abducted this afternoon in the area of Princeton and Amherst streets.

MSP is issuing an AMBER Alert.

Preliminary investigation suggests that CHARLOTTE MOCCIA, 11, of Springfield, was forced into a car at approximately 1:26 p.m. today, not long after she got off her school bus. CHARLOTTE is described as white, approximately 4ā€™2ā€ tall and 60 lbs., with brown eyes and long brown hair. She is believed to have been wearing a white fur-lined jacket, khaki pants, and a dark colored shirt possibly with the logo of the Hampden Charter School (see photos). CHARLOTTE may have her school laptop with her.

Preliminary investigation suggests that a white or Hispanic male was walking behind CHARLOTTE and forced her into the back of an older model (believed to be 2001-2005), dark blue or black Honda, possibly a Civic, with an unknown plate. The vehicle has distinctive aftermarket rims and a moonroof. Investigation indicates that the car was being operated by a white or light-skinned Hispanic female. (Photos of the actual car are below).

Anyone who thinks they see or have seen CHARLOTTE, or this vehicle or the suspects, or anyone who has information about this incident, should call 911 immediately.

We will update with any developments as necessary.