K9 Cairo Led Troopers on a Track and Safely Located a Woman with Dementia

Notable K9 Activity

Earlier today Massachusetts State Troopers patrolling the area of the Sturbridge Barracks were notified of a woman in her late 50’s suffering from dementia who had gone missing. Trooper Scott Davis, with his K9 partner Cairo, responded to her last known location where her husband was able to provide some bedding as scent articles for K9 Cairo to begin a track.

Trooper Davis and K9 Cairo were assisted by Trooper Ryan as they began a track from the backyard of the residence that led to a path. Several intersections were navigated along the path, then, further along the track the wind picked up changing directions. This created momentary scent confusion for K9 Cairo causing him to make large circles. The troopers paused and, once the wind settled, continued on entering thick brush distancing themselves from the trail.

As they entered deeper into the brush they heard a faint voice just ahead yelling for help. They continued and were able to safely locate the missing woman. Through the confusing trail and thick brush the troopers lost their location and were unable to find a direct path out of the wooded area. The State Police Air Wing was overhead, however, and assisted the troopers locate path out of the woods. Upon their egress from the woods the woman was returned to her family at home.