MSP K9 Kody Locates Domestic Violence Suspect Hiding in Overgrown Weeds in Warren


At 11 p.m. Wednesday, State Police-Brookfield patrols and K9 units responded to an address in Warren to assist Warren Police and Ware Police in searching for a male suspect who had fled following a domestic assault in Ware.

Warren Police had located the suspect’s vehicle, a Mazda 3 hatchback, and pursued it to the rear of the man’s residence in Warren. The suspect fled the vehicle on foot and made threats to Warren officers that he had firearm and would use it. The 26-year-old suspect avoided capture by running into the woods.

State Police patrols and two State K9 teams began assisting local police in the search for the suspect. MSP K9 Section Trooper Kurt D’Angelo and his partner, Kody (pictured), began working from the place the suspect was last scene. Kody went back to the abandoned vehicle, and then worked his way out from the vehicle. Kody then acquired a track down a path and over a large stone wall into an adjacent yard. He continued to track along another stone wall and into another yard.

Continuing their track, Kody and Trooper D’Angelo, assisted by Trooper John Doherty, then jumped down from a five-foot high wall and went across the road into yet another yard. Kody tracked to a fence, and then began displaying erratic behavior around a large overgrown patch of weeds behind the fence.

Trooper D’Angelo gave commands to anyone in the weeds to surrender. There was no response. Kody then entered the weeds and located the suspect passed out. Trooper D’Angelo gave additional commands, and the suspect sat up and was taken into custody by the Troopers and turned over to Ware Police.

Per state law, MSP does not identify suspects arrested for domestic violence.