FINAL UPDATE: Woman Stabbed on Esplanade, Trooper Apprehends Suspect After Foot Pursuit (Preliminary-Developing)


The man arrested in today’s stabbing and attack on the Esplanade is identified as LUIS OLIVO, 37.  We have identified past addresses for him in Boston and Everett. 
The victim is a 23-year-old woman from Allston. She remains at MGH for treatment and tests. She suffered a laceration to her head, as well as additional head and body injuries. 

Our investigation to this point suggests that OLIVO suddenly and without provocation attacked the victim, who was jogging, on a stone footbridge spanning the lagoon between the Esplanade and a small island along the edgeof the Charles River. Evidence suggests he rushed the victim, stabbed her in the head with a pair of scissors, tackled her to the ground on the bridge, and struck her. 
The victim ran off and Troopers converged into the area from various locations. Witnesses provided a description and route of flight to Troopers. 

Trooper Ziad Kamel located OLIVO at the intersection of Commonwealth Avenue and Dartmouth Street and, as noted below, despite the suspect’s resistance, effected the arrest. 

Trooper Kamel did a superb job locating and apprehending a fleeing and violent armed suspect in a busy urban area before anyone else could be injured by the suspect. It was excellent police work. 

The scissors believed used in the stabbing were recovered. 

We have charged OLIVO with the following offenses for today’s incident:

1. Armed assault with intent to murder;

2. Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon;

3. Aggravated assault and battery;4. Assault and battery;

5. Resisting arrest; and 6. Disorderly conduct. 
He is additionally charged with an unrelated outstanding warrant. 

He was ordered held on $100,000 cash bail plus a $40 bail clerk fee. He remains held at the State Police-Boston Barracks (Leverett Circle) at this time. He will be arraigned Monday in the Boston Municipal Court. 
No further updates are expected tonight.