Troopers Arrest Man Wanted by US Marshals for Trafficking Narcotics

Just after 1 a.m. today, Trooper Dario Trifone of the State Police-Northampton Barracks was patrolling Route 91 in Northampton when a vehicle passed his location with a loud and defective exhaust. Trooper Trifone caught up to and followed the 2002 Chevy Tracker for a short time then activated his blue lights and stopped it in Hatfield.

Upon stopping the vehicle Trooper Trifone approached it and informed the operator why he was stopped. He noticed there were two other occupants seated inside. The operator informed Trooper Trifone they were headed home to Vermont after picking up his friend in New York. Trooper Trifone gathered his license and registration then returned to his cruiser.

While Trooper Trifone was writing a citation he noticed the backseat passenger, identified as SHAWN SNEAD, 27, of Staten Island, N.Y., making strange movements. Trooper Trifone immediately called for backup and Trooper Brandon Andrews arrived a short time later.

Both troopers then approached the vehicle and had the occupants exit one by one in order to conduct a search of the area SNEAD was seated in. They located a hypodermic needle and a small bag of a substance believed to be heroin. Upon further investigation on scene the troopers located a bag containing 58 grams of a substance believed to be crack cocaine, 5 small yellow pills, and 12 small baggies containing heroin on SNEAD’s person. They also located a scale and more than $2800 of cash in the vehicle.

SNEAD was placed under arrest and transported to the Northampton Barracks for booking. The operator of the vehicle was issued a citation for operating with defective equipment and released from the scene. The front seat passenger was not charged. During booking it was discovered SNEAD had an active warrant for his arrest stemming from charges issued by the United States Marshals Service. SNEAD was arraigned in Northampton District Court today on the following charges:

  1. Fugitive from Justice;
  2. Possession of a Class A Substance;
  3. Possession of a Class E Substance;
  4. Trafficking in Cocaine; and
  5. Conspiracy to Violate Drug Laws.