MSP Trooper Arrests 2, Seizes Trafficking-Weight Crystal Meth

The Massachusetts State Police yesterday arrested two men and seized approximately 130 grams of suspected crystal methamphetamine after a Trooper observed a motor vehicle violation.

Massachusetts State Police Trooper Martin Cooke observed the operator the rented Chevrolet Cruze commit the motor vehicle violation on Mishawum Road in Woburn. Trooper Cooke followed the car into a gas station lot and approached the two men who had exited the car.

According to the Trooper’s observations, both men appeared nervous, and he ordered them back into the car. Asked for his license and registration, the driver said he did not have his license with him but provided a passport with the registration for the Cruze, which was a rental car with New Hampshire plates. The driver, whom Trooper Cooke identified as LOUIS D. JEREMIE, 28, of Dorchester, was unable to produce the rental agreement but said it was his rental.

Provided the information about the car, MSP Dispatcher Gary Ferguson, based at Troop A Headquarters, checked the registration and determined the vehicle had never been returned to Hertz by JEREMIE and had been reported stolen. With the assistance of Woburn Police Officer John Connolly, who responded to the scene, both men were removed from the car.

A check revealed that the passenger, JEFFREY C. BORIS, 39, of Danvers, was the subject of a warrant from Dedham District Court charging him with use of a motor vehicle without authority. The officers placed BORIS into custody.

JEREMIE, the driver, then gave consent to Trooper Cooke for police to search the car. While conducting the search, Trooper Cooke found two small pieces of a crystallized white substance on the driver’s side floor. The material was consistent in appearance with crystal methamphetamine.

Massachusetts State Police K9 Unit Trooper Brian Bonia responded to assist and deployed his partner Odin on a sniff of the vehicle. Inside the car, Odin immediately went to the rear seat, where a gray backpack was located. Several times Trooper Bonia brought Odin to another area of the car, and the dog kept returning to the rear driver’s side seat, where the backpack was.

Trooper Cooke checked the backpack’s contents and found several small containers and clear plastic zip bags containing more of the white crystal substance believed to be crystal methamphetamine. Also found in the bag were marijuana residue, drug paraphernalia, and a document indicating the backpack belonged to JEREMIE, who was then placed under arrest.

The preliminary total weight of the suspected crystal meth was approximately 130 grams. Also found on JEREMIE’s person was $551 in US currency.

Troopers transported the arrestees to State Police-Danvers. JEREMIE was booked on the following charges:

  1. Trafficking in Methamphetamine;
  2. Possession of a Class B substance with Intent to Distribute, subsequent offense;
  3. Use of Motor Vehicle Without Authority; and
  4. Failure to Signal.

JEREMIE was held on $750,000 bail pending his arraignment in Woburn District Court. BORIS was booked on the outstanding warrant and was bailed for court.