Troopers Arrest Two Men Involved in Retail Theft Scheme

Yesterday just after 7:00 pm a trooper assigned to State Police-Foxboro was patrolling Route 495 northbound in Foxboro when he observed a gray Honda Odyssey speeding. The trooper followed the vehicle clocking its speed then initiated a traffic stop.

Upon stopping the vehicle the trooper approached the driver’s side and observed two occupants. He identified the operator as JULIAN VEGA-SANTOS, 39, of Philadelphia, Pa., and the passenger as ABUNDINO RAMIREZ-GUZMAN, 40, of Queens, NY.  It was discovered that neither man possessed a valid license to operate the vehicle and as such a tow was dispatched to the scene.

Prior to the tow arriving the trooper conducted an inventory of the vehicle, during which he noticed several large bags of brand new clothing. This piqued his interest and he began to investigate more discovering most of the clothing still had the security tags intact. The trooper then discovered a backpack with a thick insulating tape used to block the security sensors allowing items to be removed from retail stores without triggering alarms. Also discovered was a homemade device used to remove these security sensors from clothing. It is suspected these articles of clothing were stolen from numerous retail stores across the region.

VEGA-SANTOS and RAMRIEZ-GUZMAN were both transported to the Foxboro barracks for their booking. As of this time the investigation continues in to the possibility these men may be involved in a much larger organized retail theft ring. They were arraigned today at Wrentham District Court on the following charges:


  1. Unlawful Deactivation of Theft Detection Shielding;
  2. Receiving Stolen Property Over $1200;
  3. Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle;
  4. Speeding; and
  5. Failure to Keep Right.


  1. Unlawful Deactivation of Theft Detection Shielding; and
  2. Receiving Stolen Property over $1200.