UPDATE-Investigation Ongoing at Natick Hotel; No Victim or Suspect Yet Located


Although preliminary information provided to state and local police indicated that there was a victim who had suffered a minor injury at the Natick incident, subsequent search and  investigation did not confirm that. We are satisfied that there were NO gunshot victims at the hotel from this incident. The investigation is ongoing to determine whether someone was shot and is no longer at the scene. No alleged shooter has been located as of 0540 hrs. 

MSP Special Tactical Operation Team and MSP and local police detectives remain on scene, joined by a tactical team from the Northeast Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council. MSP crime scene and ballistics personnel also remain on scene. MSP Troop H patrols have cleared from scene. 

Route 9 adjacent to the hotel has remained open in both directions throughout the incident. Minor delays may be experienced during rush hour because of the large number of emergency vehicles at the scene.