HazMat Response to Norwell Barracks Cannot Confirm Substance Found on Arrestee is Fentanyl

At approximately 1:40 a.m., a trooper from the State Police-Norwell Barracks had a woman under arrest and brought her to the barracks for booking.

The arresting offenses were an outstanding warrant and Possession of a Class A narcotic. During booking, a substance was found on the arrestees clothing that the arrestee described as being fentanyl.

Necessary precautions were taken, in case the substance was, in fact, fentanyl.  A standard hazmat response was initiated at the barracks to ensure the substance is removed from the barracks.

Testing by a regional hazardous materials team was unable to determine the substance to be Fentanyl.  The trooper who arrested the prisoner was transported to South Shore Hospital for precautionary reasons and was examined and released.  He has shown no signs of Fentanyl exposure. Likewise, the female prisoner has shown no signs of exposure to Fentanyl. 

No further information is expected to be released.