Troopers Pursue Juvenile in Stolen car for More Than 40 Miles Across Two States

Massachusetts State Police will charge a teenager with numerous offenses after he led Troopers and officers on a pursuit in a stolen car that continued for more than 40 miles across two states early this morning.

At approximately 12:15 a.m., a Trooper was flagged down on Route 93 northbound in Medford by a woman who stated that her car had been stolen in Malden and she was tracking it via her cellular phone’s locator application, which was in the red 2014 Toyota Camry.

The stolen car was determined to have exited Route 93 northbound onto Route 95 northbound. Several minutes later two other Troopers, one of them a K-9 unit, located the stolen vehicle on 95 northbound and activated emergency lights to stop the car. The driver of the stolen car began to pull over in the breakdown lane in Wakefield, but before coming to a full stop it sped off at a high rate of speed.

MSP Troop A Headquarters authorized pursuit of the stolen car. The suspect continued to travel northbound, driving erratically at high speeds. The suspect abruptly, without signaling, tried to take the ramp onto Route 114, but could not successfully take the ramp because of excessive speed, and instead drove across the ramp median and re-entered 95 northbound.

Various MSP and local police units deployed tire deflation devices to disable the stolen vehicle and end the pursuit, but the suspect was able to maneuver around the devices and continue to flee north. At times the suspect turned off the Camry’s lights in an attempt to evade capture.

As the stolen car crossed the New Hampshire state line at approximately 12:48 a.m., a Seabrook, N.H., Police cruiser exited its position at the border and began to pursue the suspect. MSP Troop A authorized one MSP cruiser — K-9 Trooper Thomas Janeczak, who had initially located the stolen car on Route 95 — to continue the pursuit into New Hampshire with the Seabrook cruiser to provide K-9 assistance.

The suspect exited 95 north at New Hampshire Exit 2, where several New Hampshire State Police cruisers joined the pursuit. At that point the MSP K-9 unit disengaged from the pursuit.

Meanwhile, New Hampshire State Police Troop A continued to pursue the target vehicle, which entered Route 101, where it crashed soon thereafter while attempting to exit the highway at Exit 11. The suspect fled the crash scene on foot but was captured  around 1:10 a.m. by Stratham, N.H., Police. The suspect was transported to Exeter Hospital for evaluation.

The suspect is a 17-year-old male from Malden (17-year-old defendants are considered juveniles under Massachusetts law and thus his name is not being released). The suspect does not have a driver’s license.

Massachusetts State Police will charge the suspect with the following offenses:

1. Failure to stop for police;
2. Negligent operation of a motor vehicle;
3. Unlicensed operator of a motor vehicle;
4. Receiving a stolen motor vehicle;
5. Use of a motor vehicle without authority;
6. Marked lanes violation;
7. Speeding;
8. Failure to signal; and
9. Operating without headlights.

MSP is seeking a warrant to arrest the juvenile rather than have him summonsed. He will eventually face the above-listed charges at Salem Juvenile Court.