UPDATE: CenturyLink Outage Affecting Wireless 911 Capability in Massachusetts

 UPDATE: Technical issues with the 911 system, and the resulting wireless capability outages, have been resolved. Massachusetts callers may resume using 911 from their cell phones for public safety emergencies.
Initial release:
A nationwide outage affecting CenturyLink, an Internet communications company, is impacting wireless 911 call capability in various parts of the country. We believe Massachusetts has been impacted by the outage and urge residents using cellular phones to contact emergency first-responders to use the full 10-digit number of a public safety answering point emergency call center (PSAP) or their local police department.
The Massachusetts State Police operate three regional PSAPs and a fourth is staffed by State 911 at MSP headquarters in Framingham. Residents using a cell phone to call for emergency services should first try to dial 911, and if it does not work, instead call one of these four 10-digit numbers:

Shelburne Control PSAP 413-625-8200

New Braintree Control PSAP 508-867-1170

Northampton Control PSAP 413-586-1508

Framingham PSAP 508-350-7005
Residents using cell phones may also call the 10-digit general number of their local police department. They may also call the 10-digit number of a State Police Barracks in their area (search for barracks location and phone numbers on the MSP web site at www.mass.gov and search for State Police locations.
The outage seems to only be affecting wireless 911 calls; landline calls to 911 appear to be working.
CenturyLink has indicted it is working on repairing what the company called a “network element” that is causing the problem.
We will update as necessary.