MSP detectives get three guns off the street

The State Police Detective Unit for Suffolk County (SPDU), with assistance from the State Police Special Tactical Operations Team and Troop A Community Action Team, yesterday apprehended an alleged armed career criminal and seized three guns and drugs during a related search warrant.

The arrest culminated a months-long investigation by narcotics detectives assigned to the SPDU into suspected heroin trafficker SANDY SANTIAGO, 32, of Lowell. The investigation identified SANTIAGO as a source of heroin distribution in Suffolk County, and included multiple undercover heroin purchases.

Yesterday a final undercover purchase was made from SANTIAGO at a fast-food restaurant in Revere. Troopers took the suspect into custody following the buy. Troopers subsequently executed a search warrant at an apartment on Sydney Street in Dorchester. Inside the residence, Troopers seized three illegally-owned handguns and several bags of substances believed to be heroin and cocaine.

SANTIAGO is being charged with trafficking heroin, distribution of heroin, possession with intent to distribute heroin and cocaine, and three counts of unlicensed possession of a firearm. He will also be charged as an armed career criminal.

The State Police Detective Unit for Suffolk County is assigned to the office of Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley, whose office will prosecute SANTIAGO.