Troopers Charge Man with Assault, OUI after Road Rage Incident, Crash

The Massachusetts State Police early this morning arrested a Beverly man who was operating under the influence and pointed a gun at another motorist on Route 95 in Woburn.

At approximately 2:30 a.m., Trooper Patrick Shea responded to a report of a motor vehicle crash on the southbound side of 95, prior to Exit 36.  Trooper Shea located an SUV that had been struck by a black 2014 Jeep Cherokee, which was stopped about 100 yards further down the highway.

The operator of the Jeep, identified as JASON ROOT, 37, was standing outside the Jeep. ROOT told Trooper Shea that he had a firearm on the seat of his vehicle and that the was licensed to carry. Trooper Shea recovered the firearm from the Cherokee and secured it in his cruiser.

Trooper Shea and Trooper David Hanafin, who arrived as backup, made observations of ROOT consistent with impairment by alcohol. Troopers also administer s several field sobriety tests. As a result of their observations and the tests, Troopers formed the opinion that ROOT had been driving while intoxicated.

Troopers placed ROOT into custody, despite his initial attempts to resist being put into the cruiser. The suspect was transported to the Danvers Barracks to be booked.

A short time prior to the crash, just before 2 a.m., an adult male called State Police to report a road rage incident that carried from Route 93 southbound to Route 95 in Reading.

That motorist said his car was rear-ended by a black Jeep Cherokee that was being operated in a very aggressive manner. The motorist said the Cherokee tried to run him off the road several times. In fear for his safety, that motorist exited Route 93 and entered Route 95 southbound. The black Cherokee followed him onto Route 95.

Just prior to Exit 36, the black Cherokee pulled in front of the victim’s car and forced the vehicle to come to a full stop in the middle lane.

The suspect exited the Cherokee and approached the victim’s vehicle. According to the victim, the suspect screamed at the victim and pointed a handgun at him. Fearing he was about to get shot, the victim ducked for cover and then accelerated away and subsequently reported the incident.

The road rage victim provided the license plate number of the suspect’s black Cherokee to Troopers. The plate matched that is the black Cherokee involved in the crash on Route 95 a short time later.

Troopers determined that ROOT, the OUI suspect arrested in the Woburn crash, was the same motorist who struck the road rage victim’s car and pointed a gun at him. Troopers Louis Williams, David Nicastro, and Peter Cherry also assisted in the investigation.

ROOT was charged with the following offenses:

  1. ) Operating under the influence of liquor; 2.) Assault with a dangerous weapon; 3.) Carrying a firearm while intoxicated; 4.) Reckless operation of a motor vehicle; and 5.) Resisting arrest.

ROOT was expected to be arraigned today in the Woburn District Court.