Maine Man Arrested For Drug Trafficking And Illegally Possessing Firearms

Massachusetts State Police Release – 09072017 – Maine Man Arrested For Drug Trafficking And Illegally Possessing Firearms.


On Saturday September 2, at quarter past midnight Trooper Brian Fuller was patrolling Route 495 in the Haverhill area. While checking the Haverhill rest area on the northbound side he observed a silver Ford Focus with Maine plates. A male party, identified as RYAN POMEROY, 33-year-old man from Waterville Maine, was sitting in the passenger seat with the door open fumbling with something. Trooper Fuller parked next to the Focus and approached POMEROY. Upon seeing the Trooper the man quickly moved his hand behind the seat. When Trooper Fuller made contact with POMEROY he observed an open bag of marijuana on the center console and marijuana residue on the front of his pants. While marijuana has been legalized in Massachusetts consumption and open containers in public areas is not.

When asked about the marijuana, POMEROY grabbed the bag to show Trooper Fuller. Trooper Fuller then observed the clear plastic bag containing heroin (40.2 grams) on that was under the marijuana on the center consol.  POMEROY was then placed under arrest. An inventory of the vehicle prior to towing was conducted. Located in the vehicle were two handguns a .380 caliber Glock model 42 and a Taurus 9mm caliber model PT 111 pro. Located with the handguns two .380 magazines, one 9mm magazine, one .25 magazine, six .380 caliber live cartridges and eleven .25 caliber cartridges. Trooper Campbell arrived as backup and assisted with the inventory. Trooper Campbell located a plastic bag containing cocaine (143.2 grams) in the trunk. Also located were containers with THC concentrate suboxone.

POMEROY was transported to the Newbury barracks where he was booked. He was held on $7,500.00 bail at the Middleton County Jail.

The POMEROY is charged with:

  • Trafficking in cocaine
  • Trafficking in Heroin
  • Possession of class E drugs
  • Possession of Firearm without a license
  • Possession of Firearm without a license
  • Possession of ammunition without an FID card