UPDATE More Detailed Description of Revere Beach Sexual Assault Suspect; Investigation Ongoing


The ongoing investigation into yesterday evening’s sexual assault of an adolescent teenage girl on Revere Beach has led to a more detailed description of the suspect and other potentially relevant information.

We believe the suspect is a light-skinned Hispanic male with his hair braided tightly against his scalp. Further information suggests he is approximately six feet tall with a slender build. Yesterday, prior to the sexual assault, he may have been wearing a dark-colored tank top and black shorts and riding a mountain bike on and near Revere Beach.

We also have reason to believe at one point around mid-afternoon yesterday he was on the bike on the beach and was following a young woman (not the victim of the assault, a different person), and that he may have caught up to and tried to speak to that woman.

Additionally, we also now know that, at the time of the sexual assault — approximately 7 p.m. yesterday — there were many people on the beach near the Shirley Avenue Bathhouse.

Anyone who may have seen this suspect yesterday or at any other time, or who may have seen any part of the assault yesterday evening or the earlier verbal interaction that we believe the same suspect had with a woman, is urged to call the Massachusetts State Police any time of day or night at 508-820-2121. You may also dial 911 on a cell phone to be connected to police.

State Police currently have a heightened presence on Revere Beach.




ORIGINAL POST Wednesday, Aug. 23, at 10:38 a.m.

The Massachusetts State Police are investigating a reported sexual assault of an adolescent teenage girl at the Shirley Avenue Bathhouse on Revere Beach yesterday evening.

The victim reported that the assailant, a young adult male, approached her while she was using an outdoor shower at the bathhouse at approximately 7 pm Tuesday. The man tried to initiate a personal conversation. When the girl tried to get away from the assailant, he grabbed her, prevented her from leaving, and sexually assaulted her.

The girl then got away from the assailant. She was at the beach with an adult family member and reported what happened to that family member after they had left the beach.

The family member then brought the victim to the State Police Barracks on Revere Beach and reported the assault. The girl was interviewed and then transported to a Boston hospital for examination.

The suspect is described as a young adult Hispanic male with braided hair. At the time of the assault he was wearing a bathing suit and no shirt.

State Police Crime Scene Services troopers and a State Police chemist responded to the bathhouse to search for and document evidence.

Anyone who may have seen any part of this incident or has knowledge of the suspect, or who may have seen someone matching this description at on near the beach, is asked to please call State Police-Revere at 781-284-0038.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing and is being conducted by Troop A of the Massachusetts State Police and the State Police Detective Unit for Suffolk County, with assistance from the State Police Crime Scene Services Section. A female Revere Police sergeant also assisted in interviewing the victim at the barracks.

No further information is being released at this time. Please note we are not doing any sound on this at this time.