22 Protestors Charged with Trespassing at Pipeline Site

22 Protestors Arrested and Charged with Trespassing at Sandisfield Pipeline Site

Massachusetts State Police Release — 07292017 — 22 Protestors Charged with Trespassing at Pipeline Site

Twenty-two protestors trespassed into a restricted area at the ongoing construction of natural gas pipeline extension in Sandisfield today, refused to leave, and were arrested by State Police.

The arrests were made at the site of the Kinder Morgan pipeline extension, which is being installed through a portion of Otis State Forest to connect two existing pipeline branches.

The 22 demonstrators, who all refused orders to leave a restricted construction area, were charged with trespassing. The arrests were made during the late morning and early afternoon. The arrests were made peacefully and without resistance, similar to other trespassing arrests made at the pipeline project in recent weeks.

Those arrested were transported to a Berkshire Sheriff’s Department facility for booking. As with with previous protest arrests, the defendants are expected to be released on personal recognizance pending a court appearance.

Those arrested were as follow:

1. Eesha D. Williams, 42, of Dummerston, Vermont;

2. Catherine N. Woolner, 66, of Northfield;

3. Benjamin J. VanArnam, 30, of Easthampton;

4. Stephen J. Stoia, 69, of Northfield;

5. Edward D. Stockman, 73, of Plainfield;

6. Dennis P. Carr, 62, of Cummington;

7. Erik W. Burcroff, 61, of Plainfield;

8. Micah L. Carpenter-Lott, 24, of Riverton, Wyoming;

9. Joan L. Levy, 65, of Pelham;

10. Steven D. Botkin, 62, of Pelham;

11. Fergus R. Marshall, 68, of Chicopee;

12. Martin H. Urbel, 74, of Northampton;

13. Rema Loeb, 84, of Plainfield;

14. John K. Cohen, 79, of 86 of Northampton;

15. Mary C. Link, 64, of Ashfield;

16. Ronald Coler, 61, of Ashfield;

17. Esther Coler, 33, of Ashfield;

18. Nina Anderson Coler, 62, of Ashfield;

19. Carol Lewis, 74, of Amherst;

20. Alice McKusick, 35, of Colrain;

21. Patricia C. DeAngelis, 71, of Amherst; and

22. Kevin Young, 32, of Northampton.