Eight Demonstrators Charged with Trespassing at Sandisfield Pipeline Site

Eight demonstrators were arrested for trespassing today for refusing to leave a restricted area at the site of the Kinder Morgan pipeline extension project in Sandisfield.

The arrests were without incident. Those arrested were transported to the Berkshire House of Correction where they were booked and were expected to be released.

The eight who were arrested were among group protesting the project, which is adding four miles of natural gas pipeline to connect two exiting lines. The protest activity by a group of demonstrators was peaceful.

Arrested were:

1. ERIC BURCROFF, 57, of Plainfield;
2. DENNIS CARR, 59, of Cummington;
3. FRANCES CROWE, 98, Northampton;
4. ELLEN GRAVES, 76, of West Springfield;
5. PRISCILLA LYNCH, 65, of Conway;
6. CONSTANCE HARVARD, 69, of Northampton;
7. ELIZABETH RAMIREZ, 47, of Holyoke; and
8. LAURA SIMON, 63, of Wilder, Vt.