State Police Investigate Facebook posts sent to news outlets.

Massachusetts State Police Media Release—06262016—State Police Investigate Facebook posts sent to news outlets.

Earlier today the State Police Barracks in Framingham was contacted about a concerning Facebook post. The person who published the post implied that he wanted to initiate a confrontation with law enforcement officers so that he could then force officers to kill him.

The Barracks contacted State Police Troop H Detectives, who immediately began an investigation. During the course of the investigation detectives learned that the suspect had been involuntarily committed for psychological evaluation earlier today by a local police department in Massachusetts for a different “suicide by cop” Facebook post.

The Facebook pages of several local news channels, as well as individual news reporters, were tagged by this individual. If any news agencies or journalists have information they believe will be helpful to the investigation please contact State Police H Troop detectives at 617-740-7867.

For any media inquiries please contact the State Police Media Relations section.