Statement Regarding San Bernardino Shooting

Massachusetts State Police Release — 12022015 — Statement Regarding San Bernardino Shooting

The Massachusetts State Police, through our Commonwealth Fusion Center, continue to monitor developments and intelligence related to the San Bernardino, California shootings. At this point information about the suspects and motive, including whether there is a nexus to terrorism, remains fluid and incomplete. As relevant confirmed information becomes available the Fusion Center will disseminate it to all Massachusetts law enforcement agencies per our standard protocol so they may respond accordingly. Troopers across the state routinely operate with heightened awareness and constant vigilance for any suspicious activity. Likewise, we remind our citizens to call police immediately if they see anyone or anything suspicious or seemingly out of place for their surroundings. Our prayers are with the victims of today’s horrific violence and our thoughts are with the first responders at the scene and the investigators tracking down the person or people responsible for this evil act.