Massachusetts State Police Statement Re: Paris Terror Attacks

Massachusetts State Police Media Release — 11132015 — Massachusetts State Police Statement Re: Paris Terror Attacks

Shortly after a series of terror attacks began tonight in Paris the Massachusetts State Police took several actions. It is important to preface this statement by noting that at this time there is no intelligence that suggests specific threats to Massachusetts.

Actions underway are as follow:

1. The Massachusetts State Police and our federal partners in the Joint Terrorism Task Force and at the Commonwealth Fusion Center are closely monitoring developments coming out of France and worldwide intelligence sources.

2. The State Police Division of Field Services is increasing security around the area of the State House with Troop H personnel.

3. State Police Troop F at Logan Airport is monitoring intelligence and has a comprehensive and multi-layered security package in place.

4. State Police Troop Commanders are notifying all on-duty troopers of the developments ongoing in Paris and directing them to have a heightened awareness of potential suspicious activity within their patrol areas and reminding them to be mindful of their own security and that of their barracks.

Please note there are no plans to do any interviews at this time. Our prayers are with the French people tonight and our thoughts are also with the French law enforcement and counter-terrorism authorities who are working to end this ongoing threat.