Trooper Helps Deliver Baby on Storrow Drive

Massachusetts State Police Release — 02102015 — Trooper Helps Deliver Baby on Storrow Drive

At approximately 2:40 a.m. today a trooper was flagged down by a motorist on Storrow Drive and was told that the woman in the car was about to give birth. Trooper Patrick Devin then pulled over, assessed the situation, and assisted in the delivery of a baby boy. The trooper relayed to dispatch that the baby had been born safely and wrapped him in a blanket. EMS arrived on-scene and transported the mother to Beth Israel Hospital.

The parents, who are from Revere, had been driving to the hospital with the woman in labor when it became apparent to the couple that the birth was imminent. The father then stopped the car on Storrow westbound near the Mass. Ave. exit and called 911. When, immediately thereafter, he noticed a cruiser approaching he flashed the lights of his sport utility vehicle to flag down the trooper.

No further information is being released at this time. The State Police Office of Media Relations will gather more information about the incident later today and at that time will determine if it is appropriate to release addition details.