MSP Colonel Timothy P. Alben Releases Statement Regarding Tomorrow’s Planned Protest

Massachusetts State Police Media Release – 12122014 – MSP Colonel Timothy P.  Alben Releases Statement Regarding Tomorrow’s Planned Protest

Colonel Timothy P. Alben releases the following statement:

“Similar to recent protests, it has been advertised that tomorrow, Saturday, there will be a gathering at the Boston Common and the adjacent area outside of the Statehouse to voice opposition to recent court decisions and the judicial process. The Massachusetts State Police, working in conjunction with Boston Police and other law enforcement agencies will continue to work together to ensure that the rights of all citizens are preserved and that the area remains safe for everyone.

Over the last week and in various parts of the country including here in Boston, we have witnessed protestors attempting to access the interstate highway systems (Routes 90 & 93) to impede traffic in furtherance of their message. I can’t imagine a more dangerous environment with an inherent threat of injury or senseless death than that created by individuals walking on or attempting to obstruct unsuspecting drivers on a limited access, interstate highway. In addition, these highways provide access from the surrounding metro area and from all over New England to reach world-class medical facilities in Boston for legitimate medical emergencies. Attempting to stop traffic like this can have unanticipated and often catastrophic consequences. For everyone’s safety, I am asking that individuals involved in protesting refrain from any attempts to access or impede the interstate highway system including the entry/exit ramps and bridges. ”

–Colonel Timothy P. Alben


Massachusetts State Police