Update on Internal Investigation

UPDATE: Massachusetts State Police Release — 12262014 — Update on Internal Investigation

The individual who posted a video of himself being pepper-sprayed by a state trooper during a demonstration in Boston on Dec. 4 has, to this point, neither made himself available for interview by department investigators nor filed a citizen’s complaint with the State Police concerning the matter. Despite the department’s efforts to visit the individual at his residence; leave contact information at a location he frequents; directly speak with a relative; and finally, to send a written request for cooperation via certified mail to his residence, the department’s efforts have gone unanswered.

The State Police have consistently expressed an interest in this individual’s version of the events as well as viewing any additional video he may have from the incident. Absent his cooperation, a fair and complete assessment of the incident remains incomplete.

The trooper depicted in the video, who was initially placed on restricted duty, was recently returned to full duty. The department’s internal investigation is ongoing.

In keeping with our practice throughout the investigation of this incident, we are not releasing the name of the trooper or the protester.