State Police Logan Assists With Toddler In Cardiac Arrest

Massachusetts State Police Release — 11062014 — State Police Logan Assists With Toddler In Cardiac Arrest

On November 6, 2014, at 5:30 p.m. the pilot of inbound Jet Blue flight 1786 from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, reported a medical emergency, stating a toddler on board was in cardiac arrest. Trooper John Morris escorted an ambulance from the North Gate to Gate 31 where Troopers Timothy Gillespie, Timothy Leeman and Timothy Foley assisted in the transfer of the infant from the plane to the ambulance.

Troopers closed the ramp interchange at Route 1 briefly for the ambulance to proceed through towards Massachusetts General Hospital. Trooper John Morris and Trooper Bruce Adams assisted in closing intersections on the way to the hospital. Trooper Bruce Adams transported the father and brother of the infant to the hospital.

The toddler was identified as a two year old from Needham. When Trooper Morris departed the hospital he stated that the toddler had been revived.