Protest Arrest Numbers and Follow Up

Protest Arrest Numbers and Follow Up

Massachusetts State Troopers made a total of 51 arrests of disorderly people during last night’s protest activity in Boston, all but one of which were turned over to Boston Police for booking. The arrests were broken down as follows:• 33 in the Massachusetts Avenue Connector/South Bay area, turned over to BPD for booking; • 17 in the Dewey Square area, turned over to BPD for booking; and • 1 in the ramp from Massachusetts Turnpike to Purchase Street, booked at MSP Tunnels Barracks for disorderly conduct and trespassing on Turnpike property.

Because of superb cooperation and coordination between State and Boston Police, we were able to prevent protesters from entering the Southeast Expressway and the Mass. Turnpike.

Our Commonwealth Fusion Center monitored social media and other open-source information sources throughout yesterday and last night and provided critical intelligence about protesters’ plans to try to disrupt traffic on state highways.

One state trooper was injured when he was bitten on the wrist by a protester. He was treated by Boston EMS on scene.

In other parts of the state, troopers were on standby to assist local police with protests at Worcester City Hall, Clark University in Worcester, Northampton City Hall, and downtown Springfield. Troopers assisted where needed; these protests were generally peaceful. State Police did not activate any tactical and riot-control units we had on stand-by. Protest control operations were undertaken solely by patrol units.

We will maintain an increased presence around potential demonstration sites in Boston throughout the next few days.