MSP, Marine Fisheries Release Photos From Shark Attack Aftermath

A helicopter from the Massachusetts State Police Air Wing responded over the Plymouth coastline yesterday after two kayakers were attacked by a shark off Manomet. The air crew observed the Harbor Master’s rescue operations. Neither woman was injured. Today the Air Wing is flying over the area with a scientist for State Marine Fisheries to allow the Fisheries official to monitor for sharks. The top two photos below were taken by the Air Wing and show the Harbor Master vessel responding to the area and then carrying the kayakers back to shore. The small white object in front of the boat in the top photo is a paddle from one of the kayaks. The three photos at the bottom were taken by John Chisholm of State Marine Fisheries. The size and pattern of the bite suggest an exploratory bite from a Great White Shark. The striations around the tooth hole in the first two of these photos were caused by the serrated edges found on a Great White’s teeth, according to Mr. Chisholm.

Plymouth Shark Aftermath1

Plymouth Shark Aftermath2