Logistical Information for Plymouth Police Officer Greggory Maloney Service


UPDATED 4/6/2014


Sent on Behalf of the Plymouth Police Department–Logistical Information for Plymouth Police Officer Greggory Maloney Services


Plymouth Police Announce Logistical Information for Services for Officer Greggory Maloney


The Plymouth Police Department announces the following information regarding services for Officer Greggory Maloney, 43, who died in the line of duty on April 1, 2014. Please note that there are changes, which are in bold, from previously released information:


Wake (PLEASE NOTE the time change for Walk-Through)

The wake for Officer Maloney will be held on the afternoon of Monday, April 7, at Memorial Hall, 83 Court St., Plymouth. The officer’s family will have private viewing from 2-3 p.m.  Law enforcement personnel will be in place at 3 p.m. for a Walk-Through, led by Officer Maloney’s colleagues from the Plymouth Police Department and the Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council Mobile Operations Unit.  At the conclusion of the Walk-Through, members of the public will pay their respects until 8 p.m.


Wake – Media Access

Members of the media are directed to park their vehicles along the left side of Memorial Drive, which runs in one direction from Water Street up to Court Street. Media members will be allowed to view members of the law enforcement in formation and entering Memorial Hall from the Walk-Through. Media is asked to be in position by 1:30 p.m. Media will be directed on-scene where to set up cameras for this viewing. Media will be kept together in one location.



The Funeral Mass for Officer Maloney will be celebrated at 11a.m. on Tuesday, April 8 at St. Peter’s Church, 86 Court St., Plymouth (across the street from Memorial Hall).


Funeral – Media Access

PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THERE WILL BE NO MEDIA CAMERAS ALLOWED INTO THE CHURCH FOR THE FUNERAL MASS. Media may set up cameras on Court Street to get footage of mourners entering and exiting the church and of the law enforcement formations. Again, media will be kept together in one location. Media are again directed to park their vehicles along the left side of Memorial Drive (see above). Media should be in place no later than 8 a.m. Please note that proposed plans are underway to broadcast sound from the Mass to speakers outside the church, as well as to potentially do the same inside Memorial Hall. We will advise on Monday if those plans have been finalized.



UPDATED: Following the Funeral Mass, a procession will proceed from St. Peter’s Church along Court Street to Samoset Street to Vinehills Cemetery, where Officer Maloney will be buried. The Plymouth Police Department will march on foot in this procession, which will also include motorcycles from the Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council Mobile Operations Unit.


Interment – Media Access

Members of the Plymouth Police and Massachusetts State Police will be on-scene to determine media access. Most likely, we will attempt to locate an area from where media members may view and photograph the services at the graveside from a respectable distance. Again, media will be kept together. Please note that the location of this viewing is still in flux and will most likely not be determined until Monday or even Tuesday morning. We will make every attempt to accommodate media, but please be advised that the wishes of Officer Maloney’s family will, correctly, be paramount.


Road Closures

The media is asked to report the following road closures related to the services. For portions of both Monday and Tuesday, Court Street in the downtown area will be closed to vehicular traffic from Samoset to Brewster streets. UPDATED: Please note that there will not be closures on Summer Street. Rather, Samoset Street will be closed the day of the funeral to accommodate the procession to Vinehills Cemetery. There will be no parking on Court and Samoset streets as well during parts of both days. AS WELL, off ramps at Exit 6 on Route 3, heading east to Samoset Street, will be closed during the funeral.


Public Parking

The media is asked to report the following parking information. UPDATED: Public parking for those attending Officer Maloney’s wake and funeral will be available on Water Street, in the public lots adjacent to the East Bay Grill, 173 Water St., and at the Radisson Hotel, 180 Water St.



We will make efforts on both days to bring law enforcement spokesperson to the media staging/viewing areas for interviews about Officer Maloney and proceedings. We are waiting to hear whether there will be a family spokesperson as well. We probably will not know that until Monday.