State Police Arrest Driver in Auburn After Driving Wrong Way on I-395

Massachusetts State Police Release – 11182013 – State Police Arrest Driver in Auburn After Driving Wrong Way on I-395

On Saturday November 16, 2013 at approximately 9:30 p.m., State Police Sturbridge Barracks was notified by Connecticut State Police of a wrong way driver, driving North on the Southbound lanes of I-395, coming into Massachusetts from Connecticut.

Multiple calls were received as Troopers responded to the area.  This wrong way driver was reported to be driving at high rates of speed, and caused a crash on I-395 in the town of Webster.  The vehicle then continued north in the southbound lanes.  The erratic, wrong way driver continued, nearly striking several vehicles, including a State Police cruiser.

As Troopers continued to track this vehicle, Trooper Jody Greene observed the vehicle driving straight at him at approximately 80 mph.  After Trooper Greene swerved to avoid being hit, he observed the car abruptly cut across all lanes of traffic, causing other cars to swerve, and the vehicle exited to Route 20 in Auburn, going the wrong way on the on-ramp.

Shortly thereafter, the now unoccupied vehicle was located in a parking lot of an establishment on Route 20 in Auburn.  The driver of the vehicle, identified as JOHN ZMITRUKIEWICZ, 63, of North Grosvenordle Conn., was located inside the establishment.  After conversation with ZMITRUKIEWICZ and a brief investigation, ZMITRUKIEWICZ was placed under arrest.

ZMITRUKIEWICZ will be arraigned in Worcester District Court on the following charges:

1)     Operating a motor vehicle under the influence of intoxicating liquor

2)     Failure to stop for police

3)     Leave the scene of property damage accident

4)     Reckless operation of a motor vehicle

No further information is available.  Do not call the barracks directly.